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Let’s build the future of finance together

At AMINA Bank, we value talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who bring innovation and contribute to our mission. Our culture combines experienced banking professionals with cutting-edge expertise in blockchain and the crypto economy.

We strongly believe in the values of the Blockchain Community: collaboration, sharing, and openness. These principles guide our mindset and how we approach our work.

Our Values

Lead with clarity

Be clear about the direction and goals. Make decisions that consider the wider impact. Communicate progress.

Listen, always

Listen to your colleagues. Learn from each other. Encourage mutual understanding.

Step up together

Take collective ownership. Be clear about roles and responsibilities. Go beyond job roles.

Explore solutions

Don't rely on long-held beliefs. Work faster together. Be open and flexible to change.

Be humane

Treat other the way you want to be treated. Consider the people impact of business decisions. Treat people equally.

Put clients first

Listen to our clients' needs. Ensure client excellence every day. Cultivate client relationships.

Open positions

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