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Explore the forefront of modern Corporate Banking

From everyday banking to crypto currencies, AMINA Bank is your gateway to the future of finance.

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AMINA Corporate

Get control of all your business’ finances and digital assets.

Our Corporate Package gets access to our range of products, combining the best of everyday banking with the world of cryptocurrencies, for a seamless banking experience.

AMINA Corporate

1,000 CHF/ mo

There is no fee if you hold 10 million CHF of assets in custody, have borrowing of at least 2.5 million CHF or trading volume of at least 20 million CHF equivalent.

  • Fiat Current Account(s)​

    Available in 19 core currencies, plus others available on request​

  • Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)​

    AMINA Corporate Credit Card ​ (Swiss Francs or Euros)

  • Credit Card Limits​

    10,000 CHF or Euros​

  • Insurance

    Free insurance including coverage for travel and shopping​

  • Access to our Online Banking and Mobile Banking App​

  • Access to Flexible Overdrafts​

  • Cryptocurrency Custody Accounts​

  • Cryptocurrency Trading​

  • NFT Custody

  • FX trading

Current Accounts

Experience the best of business banking with AMINA’s corporate current account

Manage your business finances and connect to the world of cryptocurrencies with a AMINA Bank current account. From day-to-day business transactions to international money transfers or cryptocurrencies, our accounts are the gateway to the latest in financial services.

Your AMINA Current Account:

  • Can be opened in a range of different currencies, including EUR and CHF
  • Gives you a single point of access to manage your assets seamlessly, across traditional and digital currencies

Discover our current accounts and enjoy the best of global crypto banking with a regulated bank.

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