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AMINA Gold Token (AGT)

The Future of Investing in Physical Gold. The AMINA Gold Token is a new, cost-effective, and future-proof way of investing in fine physical gold. A digital asset representing direct ownership of one gram per AGT of 100% fine gold, stored securely in Switzerland.

Ownership in fine gold directly in the refinery via tokenization.

Cost-Effective: Significantly lower cost of ownership than competitor products given elimination of traditional storage costs. Low initial fee and only a few bps of digital custody.

Highly Secured: Approved and bank-regulated by the FINMA. Full issuance volume at all times 1:1 backed by physical gold, even during market shocks. Minted, traded, and in custody at AMINA Bank.

ESG Compliant: Direct ownership in the refinery eliminates the post-refinery environmental impact without territorial barriers for investors. Eliminates heavy carbon footprint of traditional storage, transfer and delivery. Gold investing in the digital future. Big-4 audited.

Easy and fast to transact: AMINA as seams less gateway for custody, institutional market making, credit and rapid physical delivery. AGT is easily accessible globally through institutional wallet on phone, tablet and other devices. Attractive credit against the AGT for qualified clients.

Product Specification

  • Underlying

    Physical Gold

  • Issue Currency


  • Blockchain/Token Standard

    Ethereum, ERC-20 Token

  • Ratio

    One gram Gold per Token

  • Reference Price/Currency

    LBMA Gold Price (XAU in USD)


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