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Crypto Custody

Secure your digital assets

Our crypto custody services ensure full segregation of your crypto assets under Swiss Federal Law, providing full protection from counterparty risk. Access products such as derivatives, loans and margin trading while keeping your digital assets fully segregated and protected by cutting-edge custody technology.

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Hot Wallet

Fast access for a fast-moving market

Enjoy security and speed with the AMINA Hot Wallet for cryptocurrencies, an online, digital cryptocurrency wallet constantly connected to the internet. Perfect for quick access and daily transactions.

Accessibility and security are vital to crypto investment. Our Hot Wallet provides secure storage for your organisation’s digital keys and the access and connectivity to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies at a moment’s notice.

With AMINA Hot Wallet your business can:

  • Manage your Hot Wallet instantly through AMINA Online Banking or our AMINA mobile app
  • Buy and sell major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX) and many more

We have Hot Wallets available for:

Secure technology

  • Hardware secure modules (HSM) and multi-party computation (MPC) keep digital assets in a highly secure environment

  • Our data centre is audited and complies with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) standards. Our IT infrastructure is monitored and protected 24/7 by our Cyber Defence Centre

  • A multi-authentication system protects your Hot Wallet from unauthorised access or theft

  • Changes or updates to the system require approval by three separate people—also known as the ‘six-eyes’ principle ensuring greater protection

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery system, with back-up keys located in separate secure locations, unconnected to the internet

Secure assets

  • A regulated Swiss Bank with strong capital and liquidity

  • Protected by both professional indemnity and cyber insurance

  • Digital assets are held separately from AMINA’s balance sheet, guaranteeing your coins against any banking disruption

Cold Wallet

A vault for your cryptocurrency

The highest institutional standards of security for your company’s cryptocurrency. Enjoy complete peace of mind with AMINA Cold Wallet – an offline, digital cryptocurrency wallet that provides enhanced security. With no connection to the internet digital cold storage ensures protection against cyber threats. Ideal for long-term asset holding.

Enjoy total peace of mind with our proprietary Digital Cold Storage, where private keys are protected by military grade physical and digital security. Available for major cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin and more.*

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*Available for: BTC, ETH, USDC, UNI, YFI, SNX, AAVE, LINK

We have Cold Wallets available for:

Secure technology

  • Fully ‘off-grid’ storage. Hardware and software completely insulated from the internet with an ‘air gap' between our cold storage and any other electronic device

  • 24/7 Cyber Defense Center monitoring and response

  • Physical access controlled through a multi-authentication system, including biometric security

  • Radio signals in and out of the facility are completely blocked

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery systems with back-up keys located in multiple separate secure locations

Secure assets

  • A regulated bank with strong capital and liquidity

  • Protected by professional indemnity, species and cyber insurance

  • Digital assets are held separately from AMINA’s balance sheet, guaranteeing your coins against any banking disruption.

Custody services

Securely deposit, store, and transfer your NFTs

AMINA Bank was the first regulated bank in the world to offer NFT Custody and our secure and fully audited solution continues to set the standard. Deposit, store and withdraw NFT’s with confidence.

AMINA Bank’s NFT custody service is constantly evolving, please contact us to hear how we can help with other collections.

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Custody available for Ethereum NFTs (ERC-721 standard). NFT custody requests are subject to AMINA’s review of the NFT issuer.

Approved issuers

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