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Traditional and Crypto Investments in one place

Whatever you’re into, AMINA Bank has the investment solution for you.

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Single Coin Exchange Traded Products (ETP)

Invest in individual crypto currencies with all the ease and convenience of traditional assets.

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AMINA Crypto Asset Select Index (AMINAX)

Tap into the potential of the crypto market with all the convenience of a traditional index tracker.

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AMINA Metaverse Index Tracker (AMETA)

Stake a claim on the emerging digital frontier with AMINA’s pioneering Metaverse Index Tracker (AMETA).

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Crypto Discretionary Mandates

Explore the full potential of digital investments with a bespoke portfolio of crypto assets, customised for your personal goals and risk appetite.

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Dual Currency Certificates for Crypto Assets

Achieve a potential higher yield versus investing directly in the underlying asset.

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Capital Protected Notes for Crypto Assets

Earn profits from rising Bitcoin prices while securing your capital against significant falls.

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Discretionary Mandates

Tailor-made portfolios for your traditional investments.

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AMINA Gold Token (AGT)

The Future of Investing in Physical Gold.

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