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Dual Currency Certificate

The Dual Currency Certificate is a Discount Certificate.

Discount Certificates are suitable for investors who anticipate a stagnating or a moderately rising or falling price of the underlying instrument. If this market expectation is fulfilled the investor will achieve a higher yield than they would by investing directly in the underlying.

  • The Certificate is issued at a discount to the current price of the underlying in relation to the USD.
  • Investors receive the maximum yield if the price of the underlying equals or exceeds the strike price
  • If the underlying trades below the strike price at maturity, the investor is exposed to a price downside and may lose up to the entire investment

The Product is aimed at investors who

  • want to generate a profit in sideways markets
  • are looking for the flexibility to sell their investment at any time
  • want to achieve the highest yield in the market

AMINA Dual Currency Certificates can be customized to match your goals and risk appetite.

Available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and Solana.