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We’ve changed our name!

We are AMINA Bank AG, a fully licensed Swiss crypto bank. We changed our name from SEBA to AMINA on 1 December 2023.

Changing our name is exciting, and we would like to share more details in addition to those you find in the press release here.

AMINA comes from transamination, meaning “the transference of one chemical compound to another”. We use the vision of change to represent the transformation of our clients’ financial future AMINA is a catalyst for the future of finance.

We combine the various compounds of traditional, digital and crypto banking to unlock new potential and growth for our clients. AMINA describes our identity well, so this is our new name.

What is AMINA’s mission?
AMINA’s goal is to empower traditional and crypto investors to navigate the future of finance that will combine traditional, digital and crypto finance.

What is AMINA’s brand claim?
While we say goodbye to the SEBA name, we remain forever proud of the achievements made by the group under the former brand.

Our brand claim remains the same as with SEBA: Crypto. Banking. Simplified.

Why do we change our name?
We opted to change our name from SEBA Bank due to similarities with SEB Bank in Sweden.

Does the whole group change its name?
Yes, the whole group is changing its name, but it will take a few days until our Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, and Singapore entities adopt the new identity. Once the registrations are completed in all the regions, the whole group will have one identity: AMINA.

Does anything else change?
Nothing else changes except for the name, website, and email addresses.

Our phone numbers, legal structure, investor base, management, Board members, addresses, company number, and VAT and SWIFT numbers remain unchanged.

Does the SEBAX index will change its name?
Yes, the SEBAX index will become AMINAX on 1 January 2024.

 What is our website address?
If you are reading this, it means you found it! Our website is, but our old website still works and redirects you to the new one.

While our name is AMINA, we chose to reflect our group structure.

 AMINA is the new name; we keep our successful history
The AMINA journey started in February 2018 when SEBA Crypto AG was founded.

One year later, in August 2019, SEBA received a Swiss banking license from FINMA. SEBA Bank AG was born. Later this year, the multi-year award-winning SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX) was launched.

In 2020, SEBA’s institutional-grade solution for digital custody completed independent audits about the implemented processes and controls. Since then, our digital custody solutions have been certified yearly, offering our clients the highest security standards.

In 2021, SEBA secured the first institutional license to custody collective investment schemes for digital assets in Switzerland. It also expanded its offering by adding several cryptocurrencies and launched discretionary mandates to support investors in their strategic asset allocations.

In 2022, LGT Bank selected SEBA to provide digital asset custody and brokerage services. The same year, the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) granted SEBA a Financial Services Permission, leading to the creation of SEBA Bank AG, ADGM Branch.

In 2023, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission awarded SEBA (Hong Kong) Ltd a licence to conduct regulated activities. SEBA partnered with the St.Galler Kantonal Bank (SGKB) in Switzerland.

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