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The latest research from the AMINA team

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We’ve changed our name!

We are AMINA Bank AG, a fully licensed Swiss crypto bank. We changed our name from SEBA to AMINA on 1 December 2023. Changing our name is exciting, and we would like to share more details in addition to those you find in the press release here. Why AMINA? AMINA comes from transamination, meaning “the … Continued

SEBA Hong Kong Awarded Licence by the SFC to Conduct Regulated Activities in Traditional Securities and Crypto-Related Services

Hong Kong – 8 November 2023 – SEBA Bank AG (SEBA Bank), a fully licensed Swiss crypto bank providing a comprehensive suite of financial solutions for the digital age in staking, lending, custody, investment, trading, banking and deposit in Switzerland, has today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary SEBA (Hong Kong) Limited (SEBA Hong Kong) has received a licence … Continued

SEBA Hong Kong Awarded Approval-in-Principle

SEBA (Hong Kong) Limited (SEBA Hong Kong) is set to become the first licensed corporation in Hong Kong with crypto capabilities backed by a Swiss crypto bank, SEBA Bank AG (SEBA Bank), providing it with the platform to operate regulated activities in virtual assets. Learn more by visiting our Hong Kong section. Hong Kong – … Continued