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APT/USD Tracker Certificate

Aptos is a high-throughput Layer 1 blockchain that operates on a unique smart contract language called Move. The blockchain operates under a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, with a theoretical transaction throughput of over 100,000 transactions per second. The network’s parallel transaction processing capabilities, powered by Move, is what sets it apart from other blockchains and provides a scalable, secure and cost-effective platform for decentralized applications. APT is the native token of the Aptos network and can be used for governance, network fees, and validator staking.

Easy access to APT through a Tracker Certificate

Fully replicated

Coins held at AMINA Bank, regulated and governed by Swiss law

State of the art digital asset custody solution

Minimal holding costs

Product Specifications

  • Name of product

    APT/USD Tracker Certificate

  • ISIN


  • Underlyings


  • Currency


  • Additional currencies


  • Current price

    7.65 USD*

Current price as per 13.06.2024