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AMINA Bank and Taurus strengthen their partnership


  • AMINA Bank AG (AMINA) and Taurus strengthen their partnership by signing a multi-year agreement, enabling AMINA to scale regulated institutional-grade product capabilities.
  • This partnership will see AMINA move to version 4 of the Taurus PROTECT solution, to add maximum flexibility and agility for AMINA to deploy its regulated banking activities.
  • AMINA will be among the first subscribers to Taurus-PROTECT v4, demonstrating the bank’s commitment to providing its client base with the most advanced custody product solutions.

Geneva and Zug, March 2024: Taurus, the leader in Europe for digital asset infrastructure for banks and regulated players, is delighted to announce a new chapter in its longstanding partnership with AMINA Bank. The crypto bank, a client and partner of Taurus since 2019, has signed an agreement to extend the strategic collaboration with Taurus and move to Taurus-PROTECT v4.

AMINA will be among the first subscribers to the Taurus-PROTECT v4 ecosystem, demonstrating a commitment to providing its clients with secure and advanced crypto product capabilities available on the market, including storage, staking, and NFT.

At the centre of the collaboration between AMINA and Taurus is the security of digital assets. Taurus offers highly secured solutions that perfectly match AMINA institutional grade and certified custody solutions. The multi-year agreement between AMINA and Taurus stresses the importance of security to build a flexible offering.

Continuous investment in technology

In 2019, AMINA obtained a banking licence from FINMA, a tier-1 regulator in Switzerland. Five years later, AMINA has successfully deployed its crypto-related services in multiple jurisdictions from its regulated hubs in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. By extending its partnership with Taurus, AMINA can offer some of the most versatile and complete solutions in the digital asset industry.

The innovative Taurus-PROTECT v4 is a comprehensive platform covering many aspects of digital assets. Among others:

  • It offers three types of custody solutions (hot, warm, cold), adhering to the highest standard of security, using the physical Hardware Security Module (HSM) technology to safeguard and manage the holding of crypto assets.
  • Taurus-PROTECT v4 supports tokenised securities throughout their lifecycle, and give access to permissioned and permissionless blockchains.
  • The implementation of the solution is adaptable to all client needs as it includes on-premises, hybrid, and Software as a Service (SaaS) set-ups.
  • The Taurus-PROTECT v4 is compatible with trading tokenised securities on the FINMA-regulated Taurus TDX marketplace

Lamine Brahimi, Managing Partner, Taurus said: “The collaboration with AMINA Bank started in 2019 when Taurus won a competitive request for proposal (RFP). We are honoured to strengthen our strategic collaboration with AMINA. Most importantly, this collaboration will support AMINA in scaling high quality crypto-related services and digital asset solutions, while respecting all applicable regulatory requirements, and maintaining the most stringent security.”

Franz Bergmueller, Group CEO, AMINA Bank, added: “By entering this new phase of the Taurus Partnership, we will be in an unrivalled position to provide our clients with access to the cutting-edge product solutions available for crypto-related banking services. This collaboration cements a partnership that puts AMINA Bank right at the forefront of financial innovation and product ingenuity as we continue our mission to be the go-to provider for crypto-related banking services. By allowing us to scale at a fast pace, and maintaining our technology edge in the industry, we are in a unique position to capture the pent-up client demand for crypto services.”


About AMINA Bank

Founded in April 2018 and headquartered in Zug, AMINA (formerly SEBA) is a pioneer in the financial industry. In August 2019, AMINA received a Swiss Banking and Securities Dealer Licence from FINMA. The broad, vertically integrated spectrum of services, combined with the highest security standards, make AMINA’s value proposition unique. AMINA operates globally from its regulated hubs of Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong to offer fiat and crypto services to progressive investors, traditional and crypto-native alike, whether individuals, corporates or institutions.

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About Taurus SA

Taurus SA is a Swiss Fintech, founded in April 2018, that provides enterprise-grade digital asset infrastructure to issue, custody, and trade any digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, NFTs, and digital currencies. Taurus is a global leader in the banking segment, entrusted by the full spectrum of financial institutions: systemic banks, universal banks, online banks, crypto-banks, private banks, and broker-dealers. Taurus also operates a marketplace for private assets and tokenized securities. Taurus SA is a securities firm supervised and regulated by FINMA. TDX is an organized trading facility operated by Taurus.

About Taurus’ platform and products 

Depending on their business model, strategy, and risk tolerance, Taurus’ clients can seamlessly manage cryptocurrencies including staking, digitize and tokenize any type of asset on any standard end-to-end, and process digital currencies of their choice. Taurus’ product portfolio is composed of Taurus-PROTECT™, the leading secure storage solution in Europe which is currently used by more than 30 financial institutions and corporations.

Taurus-CAPITAL™ allows clients to issue and manage tokenized assets on public and private blockchains, as well as interact with any smart contract. The regulated marketplace for digital assets, TDX™, is connected to Taurus-PROTECT™ and Taurus-CAPITAL™. All products leverage Taurus’ blockchain node infrastructure, Taurus-EXPLORER™, which provides a unified API and reliable broadcasting algorithms to interface securely with blockchain networks.

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For more information, please visit:

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