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SEBA Bank expands its crypto currency offering into Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

Zug, 03 May 2021 – SEBA Bank, a FINMA licenced Swiss Bank providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets, today announced that with a total of nine crypto currencies, SEBA Bank is expanding its comprehensive offering into DeFi.

With these new tokens, SEBA Bank is continuously expanding its offering, and is entering into the DeFi world, supporting the tokens of the most important DeFi protocols available on the market. SEBA Bank´s clients will be able to benefit from these new tokens in all services including investment solutions, custody and trading:

  • Synthetix (SNX) is a decentralized finance protocol providing on-chain exposure to a wide variety of assets
  • Uniswap (UNI) is a popular decentralized trading protocol, facilitating the swap of crypto assets
  • (YFI) is a decentralized financial aggregator, optimising yield farming returns

SEBA Bank´s unique offering is supported by SEBA Research, providing analytics, insights and access to this new asset class. SEBA Research unit applies the highest standards and complies with the Swiss Bankers Association research guidelines. Digital assets are selected according to a rigorous process combining quantitative metrics and in-depth qualitative analysis. The value accrual mechanism, tokenomics and the underlying protocol play a central role in this process.

The expanded array of coins and tokens will also be available across SEBA Bank’s investment solutions, including tailor-made and actively managed client portfolios in the framework of individualized discretionary mandates.

Alistair Heggie, COO SEBA Bank says “Investor interest in digital assets is growing rapidly, and many want to go beyond bitcoin. SEBA Bank offers investors bespoke access to the return drivers and diversification benefits of this new asset class. We are pleased to provide our expertise in digital assets to build exposure in this new asset class.”

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