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SEBA Bank Launches Ethereum Staking to Enable Institutional Access to Staking Economy

  • Platform addresses market demand for institutional-grade digital asset yield and staking services
  • Staking services will enable institutions to earn rewards on the USD 190 billion market cap Ethereum blockchain
  • Launch broadens access to sustainable crypto investment products, as Ethereum reduces energy consumption by estimated 99.95%

Zug, Switzerland – 07 September 2022 | SEBA Bank, a leading global crypto bank, simplifying access to the digital assets economy through a suite of fully regulated banking services, has today launched Ethereum staking services, an institutional-grade offering enabling clients to earn staking rewards on Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The launch of SEBA Bank’s Ethereum staking services caters to growing demand from institutions to manage a range of digital asset yield use cases from staking to decentralized finance (DeFi). SEBA Bank’s staking management platform provides a comprehensive and fully integrated institutional-grade solution for generating rewards from investments on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto networks. Ethereum staking services enable clients to earn rewards in a flexible and accessible manner, with rewards provided on a monthly basis, adjustable lock up periods available post-merge and a cost-effective fee structure applied to guarantee asset security.

Institutions can play a pivotal role in securing the network by staking Ethereum. The Ethereum merge is a forthcoming network upgrade that will change the network’s current consensus mechanism from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to PoS. Along with other improvements, this will enable Ethereum to deliver on its plan of becoming more scalable, secure, and sustainable – reducing its energy consumption by an estimated 99.95%.

SEBA Bank’s platform allows clients to earn rewards for staking on the network, with assets secured by an institutional-grade custody solution and a stringent regulatory environment including deposit protection, storage insurance and capital requirements. This security-first approach to client servicing ensures that investors have round the clock access to assets whatever the market conditions.

Mathias Schütz, Head Technology & Client Solutions of SEBA Bank, commented, “The Ethereum merge is an anticipated and significant milestone for the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, delivering improvements for its users across the areas of security, scalability and sustainability. The launch of our Ethereum staking services will enable institutional investors to play a key role in securing the future of the network, via a trusted, secure and fully regulated counterparty. Our institutional grade staking services offer a comprehensive and fully integrated platform for earning rewards from investments across a range of leading PoS crypto networks. By launching support for Ethereum staking we continue to deliver our clients the cutting-edge technology that they need to stay apace with the rapidly evolving digital assets industry.”

SEBA Bank’s comprehensive staking management platform offers secure and seamless access for clients to stake crypto tokens and earn rewards across a number of leading PoS protocols including Ethereum, Polkadot and Tezos. As part of the ongoing development of SEBA staking products, SEBA Bank will continue integrating support for additional protocols.

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