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AMINA Metaverse Index Tracker (AMETA)

Stake a claim on the emerging digital frontier with our pioneering Metaverse Index Tracker (AMETA).

The Metaverse promises to be a truly virtual world for entertainment, gaming, social life and commerce, where individuals and companies can connect to buy, sell and enjoy products and services. With AMINA you don’t need a 3D headset to get a slice of the action.

AMETA is the first index designed to track digital tokens and coins that are forming the currency ecosystem of the Metaverse, packaged together in a traditional easy-to-trade investment product.

Governed by independent index administrator Market Vector Indexes, AMETA is a basket of tokens and blockchain products selected for their market capitalisation and liquidity. Our tracker certificates are listed on the BX Swiss stock exchange and can be bought and sold with us or through your bank or broker with the same ease and convenience as any traditional ETF or tracker.

The index is fully backed by coins and tokens, held in secure digital custody by AMINA bank, and fully segregated from the bank’s balance sheet.

Product Specifications

  • Name of product

    AMINA Metaverse Index Tracker (AMETA)

  • ISIN


  • Underlyings


  • Currency


  • Additional currencies


  • Current price

    2.49 USD*

Current price as per 21.05.2024